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7 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Denver Home

By Tabitha Naylor

Winter in Denver is generally milder than most states, with average snowfall coming in at roughly 58 inches. Although winter here is gentler, that doesn't mean you should be lax about your home winter maintenance duties. If you are observing leaking ceilings, moldy smells around the house, and the like, then you probably missed some important things while preparing for the cold season. To avoid similar dilemmas next winter, you ought to remember these Denver home maintenance tips:

Tip #1: Check Your Heating System, Fireplace, and Chimney

Denver might not have the coldest winters in the US, but that doesn't mean there will never be a day when you will feel like the air surrounding you is ice cold. To minimize your energy bills and reduce risks of experiencing fire-related accidents, it's best to get your heating system, fireplace, and chimney checked and repaired if needed. All other appliances that heats and burns using coal, oil, or gas should also be inspected.

Tip #2: Check for Leaks, Cracks, and Openings

Leaks, cracks, and openings on the ceiling, doors, windows, walls, and floors are often taken for granted. However, you shouldn't overlook them when conducting home winter maintenance. Why? It's because they can lead to huge, ugly damages to our homes, exorbitant amounts of utility and repair bills, and terrible headaches that you would certainly want to avoid.

Tip #3: Have Your Roof and Gutters Fixed

The greatest impact of winter can generally be seen outside our homes, especially in our roofs and gutters. To prevent them from caving in under snow pressure and avoid accidents from unnecessary ice formations, it will be beneficial to have them checked, cleaned, and repaired. It's especially crucial to see how they interact with our insulation system to further ensure safety and reduce our energy bills.

Tip #4: Store Outdoor Furniture

Furniture generally doesn't come cheap. Make sure your outdoor furniture is safe from winter's destructive claws by taking and storing them inside the house before snow starts to fall.

Tip #5: Shut Off Outdoor Faucets

Make sure the valve that lets water flow to your outdoor faucets is properly shut off. Otherwise, the pipes will freeze and burst. You can also get freeze-proof faucets to further avoid nasty water problems in winter.

Tip #6: Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

You might not know it, but a simple adjustment on your ceiling fan's rotation can greatly help in improving the air flow and retaining heat within your room. All you have to do is reverse the rotation from clockwise to counter-clockwise, and your fan will help trap heat within the room longer, saving you money in the process.

Tip #7: Ready Your Tools

Snow is still snow, even if it doesn't end up being a mountain in front of our homes. In preparation for winter, you ought to have tools, specifically shovels, prepared and other machines like lawn mowers, sprinklers, and the like stored for spring use. For machines, be sure to take any remaining oil and water to prevent them from getting stuck and broken.

An ounce of prevention will always be better than a pound of cure. Make sure your Denver home is as comfortable as possible by following the home winter maintenance tips we shared with you today.

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