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Castle Rock at a Glance

By Thomas Mitchell

Located in Douglas County, Colorado, is a town by the name of Castle Rock. The town is the county seat of Douglas County. Castle Rock has an estimated population of around fifty thousand and was established as a town in 1881. Ninety percent of the residents living in Castle Rock are Caucasian. The town is part of Colorado's Front Range Urban Corridor and is about thirty miles south of Denver. The name Castle Rock comes from a large rock formation near the center of the town which many people think resembles a castle tower.

Before white settlers came to the area that is known as Castle Rock today, the Arapahoe, and Cheyenne tribes occupied the territory. When the Homestead Act of 1862 passed, settlers traveled west and found rhyolite stone around the Castle Rock area which ultimately led to the settlement of the town. Jeremiah Gould is personally responsible for building Castle Rock, as he donated 120 acres of land to what was once just a small mining town. Roads and buildings were established and the town increased in size throughout the years. Many Swedish immigrants came to the area to mine for rhyolite in the late 1800's. Currently the town takes up about thirty-five square miles of land.

The climate of Castle Rock is considered a semi-arid one. The winters are dry, cold, and snowy, while the summers are hot and wet. The average snowfall for the town is about sixty two inches per year. Castle Rock is also located within the Colorado Foothills Life Zone which is a large area of meadows and hillsides that are host to a variety of different wildlife and plant species.

Castle Rock scores a 106 on the cost of living index compared to the national average of 100. Many of the town's residents are employed in the Denver Technological Center. As far as education goes, there are eighteen different public schools in the town, and three private schools. Castle Rock also has its own history museum which tells the history of the town. The museum building is made out of rhyolite from the local quarries. A PGA Tour event known as The International was also held at the golf club in castle rock in August. A couple of notable people who have or still do live in Castle Rock include former NFL linebacker Jim Cottrell, and bassist for Aerosmith, Tom Hamilton.

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