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The Ins and Outs of Painting Your Home: An Interview with Scott Bondy of Vivax Pro Painting

By Scott Bondy

Please describe the background of your company and its foundation.

There was an obvious customer service void in the construction industry so Vivax was started on the principle of delivering an amazing experience for the client. For over a decade that has been the driving force for our business. That means doing exactly what we promise, from calling clients promptly to respecting the job site as their house to using the best products and highly qualified employees.

What are some of the various services you provide?

Vivax Pro Painting specializes in exterior and interior house painting. We also have an in-house woodwork department that can replace damaged or rotten boards before painting. Vivax Pro Painting's sister company, Vivax Pro Exteriors, was started by one of the Vivax partners. Pro Exteriors specializes in windows, gutter, and roof replacement.

How do I know when it is time to repaint the exterior of my home?

There are a number of reasons to paint your home and they range from fading to peeling/chipping paint to damaged siding. It's important to remember that you are protecting your biggest investment. Areas to inspect first are areas that see continuous weather exposure and experience snow build in the winter months. These areas include door jams, window and garage trim, and siding board edges ? all areas that experience the blunt end of mother nature.

Does the price of the paint really correlate to the quality of the paint job?

The quality of the paint job stems from the prep work done before painting. If you don't prep the house correctly, it won't matter if you use $100/gallon paint. Quality for Vivax means a long lasting paint job, and we do this by offering the best painting warranties in the industry. It doesn't hurt to use top quality paint!

With so many choices, how do I choose a color for the exterior of my home?

Color selection is the emotional part of the painting process and it can be challenging. Our easiest suggestion is to start looking in a nearby neighborhood for any houses that catch your eye. Another convenience are the HOA color books located at your local SW stores in the metro area with pre-approved color schemes. We do a free color consult at the time of our estimates to get this process started. Vivax always recommends taking your sample home and painting it on the house! This seals the deal whether or not this color is truly for you.

How does the process work? Will you scrape off my old paint before painting or simply paint over?

A week in advance we will come out and address any carpentry concerns on the home (if there were any found at the estimate), pressure wash to remove years of built up smog, dirt, and cobwebs. Once its time to prep our first priority is to protect anything we are not painting, then pound in any loose nails, inspect all boards on your home for loose or failing paint that may need to be removed.

One of the best things to our prep process at this point is not only the immediate care that the home may need but the preventative measures we take. We do this by priming the bottom three siding board edges around the entire perimeter of the home and all rooflines. What's unique to this is the aid in the never-ending battle against snow build and moisture penetration through these very critical prep areas. A great prep job this time around can save you a lot of money in woodwork expenses the next time you need to paint. With the completion of priming we then will continue with the caulking all cracked seems and junctions in siding and trim boards that we can find on your home. We continue this process from start to finish on all sides the home with a mid job inspection to ensure the quality of the prep. The prep work is 80% of the fight while painting with the most appropriate top coat for this type of climate makes up the remaining 20% of the longevity of your project! Finding a company that stands behind their word will dictate all of the above applicable to the success of your project!

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The best way to contact Vivax is to call 720-331-9735 and have one of our team members help with the estimate process. If you prefer email, will also put you directly in touch with someone who can answer any specific questions you may have.

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